Contract Medical Device Coating Services

Because Formacoat is independent, we can work with a wide variety of coating types. These include :

  • Traditional Hydrogels: The main class of hydrophilic coatings called "hydrogels." A hydrogel coating absorbs water and swells upon contact with water. These wetted polymers give these coatings their lubricious feel and excellent friction reducing properties.
  • Niche Hydrophilic coatings:
    • Micro-hydrophilic coatings: These are thinner coatings that do not swell appreciably on contact with water but that do present a robust hydrophilic surface that can be used in certain situations to good effect to reduce the contact angle on a substrate. They are not lubricity enhancing coatings.
    • Nano-hydrophilic coatings: Do not swell on contact with water, so they are not lubricious but they can reduce the contact angle to good effect for certain specialized needs.
      • Nano-hydrophilic liquid applied coatings: These nano-thicknesses, non-ceramic inorganic coatings, may work better on more substrates but as niche coatings have more limited applications.
  • Hydrophobic coatings:
    • Several Low temperature annealing varieties suitable for some applications.
      • These are not the classic, pigmented varieties that require high temperatures to anneal such as found on metal guidewires.

Formacoat has been steadily increasing vendor relationships to include a wider range of chemistries and characteristic options.

Hydrogels (classic hydrophilic coatings for lubricity enhancement): multiple options for:

  • Thermal Cure Hydrogel coatings
  • UV Cure Hydrogel coatings
  • Grafted coatings for OD, small ID’s and complex shapes with certain substrates. These coatings, for some products, may be much less expensive than the Thermal or UV cure coatings.

Micro-hydrophilic coatings and Nano-hydrophilic coatings to alter contact angles without swelling: multiple options including:

  • Liquid applied organic
  • Liquid applied in-organic

Hydrophobic coatings:

  • PTFE (liquid applied low temperature cure): several options
  • Other more exotic materials for "super hydrophobic" characteristics.

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